What can you expect if you seek my counselling?

Understanding. Attention. Without judgement. With secrecy.

You can expect professional and emotional support which will make it possible for you to confront your problems clearly and objectively. We will explore the causes of your problem together, find the necessary resources and the best solutions with my guidance.

I am extremely grateful for the professional support of Prof. Dr. Emőke Bagdy and Dr. Éva Szamosi – my mentors and supervisors. Not only can I acquire the most effective psychological methods from them but they also assist me to lead my clients to a harmonious and calm life individually and successfully.

What kinds of problems can you turn to me with?

  • Preparing for a job interview, exam

  • Difficulties of adaptation

  • Feeling aimless

  • Mid-life crisis

  • Life management guidance

  • Feeling full of inhibitions

  • Crisis of growing up

  • Career guidance

  • Managing burnout

  • Communicational training/development

  • Mediation, managing conflicts

  • Work and company psychology

  • Difficulties at work

  • Gender identity

  • Self-support, becoming independent

  • Problems of self-knowledge, self evaluation

  • Partnership guidance

  • Managing stress

  • Processing break up

  • Acceptance

  • Letting go

I’m not doing healing and health activities.